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  • Are you interested to see your kids achieve higher test scores?

  • Are your bright kids having trouble managing too much to do & not enough time to do it all?

  • Do your kids spend more time on TV, the computer, video games and “texting” than meaningful, goal oriented activities?

If your answer was YES to all or any 1 of the 3 questions above, Earthtone School of Music has the answer for your family.


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Earthtone School of Music


Welcome to Earthtone School of Music.  We are located in Sacramento, California and offer music lesson programs for private lessons, workshops, and artist development.  We offer a traditional approach to music education providing an experience for all ages with quality instruction in a safe environment.  Our unique programs foster musicianship, technique, and the development of musical creativity.  Our goal is to provide an opportunity for music students to become well rounded and confident musicians.

A Modern Tradition

The Guitar has a special place in our modern world, a focus in the music representing today's pop culture.  Its sound is clear and has become a foundation to the sound of small music groups for generations in Jazz, Folk, Rock and Roll, and today's Pop, Modern Alternative Rock and Heavy Metal music.  In reflection of these modern applications, our guitar students come to know the instrument as it is taught today in our culture yet rooted within a traditional approach to music education.  Our modern approach and teaching methods for guitar instruction foster a student’s musical creativity promoting the development of proper mental and physical habits to ensure lasting personal growth and love of music!

We welcome beginners and advanced guitar students. Our current students travel from all over Sacramento county and outer regions to attend our guitar lessons. Through consistency of regular coaching, our teachers pay specific attention to a student’s development based on the student’s natural talents and abilities.  Our students learn to read and improvise and also receive training in the development of proper technique providing any student optimum musical growth, advancement and lasting skills.

Guitar lessons are a great place to start exploring music as a beginner for students of all ages! We recommend our youngest students interested in guitar are at least 7 years old.  Older students often transition into guitar after developing a foundation for music through the piano. Adult students find success and peace in music lessons allowing time to take a break from the stress of the fast paced world we live in!

Students who find their voice in the guitar and become serious about their advancement are welcome to an opportunity for extensive musical education. The music programs at Earthtone School of Music are designed to ensure that music students who wish to go on to programs in higher education have a competitive edge on their peers, giving our students confidence and pride in their musical skills. From our jazz ensembles and workshops to awards incentives and recitals, we provide students with the information to develop a solid foundation for fundamental musical technique and theory applications. Our programs will have a lasting impact on all our students and we GUARANTEE a positive experience the student will always remember and grow from musically.

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Last updated on September 9, 2010